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About Us

Adelina’s pizza is a family-owned restaurant that is named after Adele Leslie. Adele Leslie has been making home cooked food for over 70 years and continues to amaze people with her cooking. Adele’s journey began in Virginia, where she grew up. During this time, she learned the arts of cooking from her beloved mother Adele Deen. She later moved to Winnipeg, Canada Where she continued to learn how to cook from her mother-in-law, Babder Lesli who specialized in old world authentic Mediterranean cooking. Her journey was just beginning, she was featured in many newspapers throughout Fargo and Winnipeg for her amazing cooking. In honor of Adele’s journey in the cooking world we honor her with only the highest quality, locally sourced products, making the finest quality pizzas in Fargo. From Adele’s family to you, enjoy in good health!